Thursday, January 13, 2011

Review of "Crossing Oceans"

The review of "Crossing Oceans" by Gina Holmes

This is a very poignant story of a lady who is estranged from her
family, because of an unplanned pregnancy, as she finds out that she
is terminally ill and has to make a real solution for her daughter's
welfare. So many years have gone by and feuds have been caused by her
leaving and having and raising the baby that there is much hurt and
anger to deal with from all sides.

Jenny, the main character, is trying to make the right decision when
they are all hard and all seem so unfair. Having left her family to
have her baby and raise her away from judgement and stigma - now has
to make a choice between her estranged family or her ex- boyfriend's
family to raise her daughter Isabella.

Amid all the turmoil is a few light hearted hopeful moments of prayer,
reflection and healing. There is a budding relationship with a man
who rents a room above the barn, with love and hope... But as all hard
decisions happen she has to put the welfare of her daughter over even
her own desires. The fact that she is dying is painful and constant
during the whole story. It taints all the decisions and all the
moments that are precious seem more fleeting.

This book has a lot of emotion and heavy subjects in it, like
rejection, illness, death, and how children handle all of that. It is
one of the few books that made me cry with all the grace and
selflessness the whole situation was handled.

It is a heavier read because of all the topics in it, but is a very
good read and VERY well written.

4 stars out of 5

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