Sunday, April 5, 2015

"Handbag Workshop" by Anna Mazur Reviewed for NetGalley

Loved this book!
The step by step photos were so helpful and the walk-through of how to-s are spot on.
I have made some bags in the past, and SO wished that I had had this book earlier for making those bags. I am sure I would not have made silly mistakes, or struggled with the things I did if I had read this book before attempting to make a bag.

The use of fabrics and the notions are spot on! The help with adding lined pockets and 2 way zippers are invaluable. The different presser foots for the sewing machine and threads are also talked about.
This is so much better than an online pattern or a video tutorial as Anna covers all the little how-tos that make a bag special and professional looking.

Again, I am so happy to have this book!! And would happily recommend it to any bag sewers I know.

NetGalley did not do a good job of translating this book into a readable format for kindle. The photos are out of sync with the text and makes following the tutorials harder. Otherwise, it is a wonderful book.

5 out of 5 stars.

**This was a digital ARC book received from Net Galley. All views are my own, I received no compensation for my review. **

Review of "A Lady at Willowgrove Hall" by Sarah Ladd for Net Galley

I enjoyed this book - especially after reading "The Curiosity Keeper" also by Sarah Ladd.

Like a lot of us, Cecily Faire has a secret... one she carries with her and influences all the the thoughts and decisions she makes. This fact is laid out in the beginning of the book with a tumultuous scene with her father which splits the family and from her twin. Time passes and Cecily is introduced to Willowgrove Hall where she is to be a companion. Upon arriving she is introduced to Nathaniel Stanton - who is Willowgrove's Steward, has a secret that is thrust upon him and seems to rule his fate and keep him stuck in decisions not of his own making.

The tale is intriguing and most engaging! As Cecily grows closer to Nathaniel, his sisters, and the Mistress of Willowgrove whom she was to be companion to, she learns what family is really about and what trust is and how the past can rule you if you do not let it rest and move on.

I loved that in this book there were references to prayer and to faith. Cecily was given a book of the Proverbs and she comforted Mrs Tryst (to whom she was companion) and in turn found comfort in it too. This display of Christianity was not forced or focused on, but was a quite witness and reminder. 

This was a lovely read, with no drawbacks or negatives.
I would recommend this book to all my friends.

A lovely regency read!

4 out of 5 Stars

**This was a digital ARC book received from Net Galley. All views are my own, I received no compensation for my review. **