Sunday, February 28, 2010

1st Blog Ever!

Well, I'm trying to start many a journey...
As life is full of alot - always! We'll see how I do trying to keep up with this endeavor.

So, as an introduction to me... let me say I'm a Pastor's Wife - been married to a Pastor for 10 yrs now (Married into the job), a mom to 3 boys (under the age of 8). Mommy hood is the fulfillment of my dreams, and it is so challenging too!
I have alot of experience in an office - but that is all! So, I'm looking to create a way to earn a reputation doing something I love.

Talking about what I love, let me say... I LOVE reading, sewing, art and the internet! Hopefully one of those or a combination of them will lead to the wonderings of my heart to lead you to wander over to see what else I wonder about. :D

Other journeys I am taking in this life are:
I'm learning to coupon for the 1st time!
We are first time home owners!! (Even though the bank owns more then we do at this point.)
Trying to continue with my art (the only thing I've studied from grade school)
Training my boys to be righteous in life and in heart.

I'd be honored if you'd join me as I wander in my wonderings!

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