Friday, April 16, 2010

Journeyings as a Gardener...

Well, we've been cultivating seedlings for a while now... they are small and spindly. I am not sure sure this is how they are supposed to look... but we are trying!
My hubby built a 6x6 garden box (divided in 2 so really 2 3x6 boxes) and the adventure begins when the threat of frost is gone... at the end of May. So, I've planted broccoli - next to the already there rhubarb. we are going to try some kind of upside down tomatoes too... I must take some pics and get your feed back on this project. :D


  1. Rhubarb! That's one plant I love to no end. I wish I had some but haven't managed to get any and i'm guessing it's now too late to try to get some from someone and hope for it to spread. Sad story. I have some great recipes for rhubarb if you need them!

  2. Aliya - I think I can tin you a plant - I saw a small one there... let me know when you plan to be in the area and I'll get it out the ground. ;)