Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Garden Growth... Yay!

Here is the latest on my garden...

We've only harvested about a handful of cherry Tomatoes. Nothing else is ripe or ready... (or alive). :(

This was taken about the 1st of July... it's the Blueberry and Tomato plants in a pot.

Sorry the perspective is different... my tall hubby took em. ;)

Some type of pepper... it was not ripe. (We tried to pick it...)

Bought a water globe for this... now it's a happy watered plant - with baby toms on it!

Note - baby flowers and toms on the Tomato bushes.

These were taken 2 days ago... on July 18.

Do you see growth? :D

Note - baby radishes (again) ...

A bountiful harvest is in our future..... Want some Tomatoes?

The Corn has flowered.... Corn to come!

Peppers to come.

MORE tomatoes....~

These did not die~ yay.... Maybe we'll see some fruits from what's left. ;)

Baby Lima beans and sweet peas.

Yes there are a LOT of tomatoes!

There is a blueberry bush under that giant tomato bush.

This is the size of it's twin plant. ;)

Raspberry bush to be....

Grape vine... still growing~

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