Wednesday, February 9, 2011

For Your Sweet Tooth

A Book Review of 'Always the Baker, Never the Bride' by Sandra D Bricker.

If you love Cupcake wars or Cake Boss then this book is for you!
With an engaging opener and a twist of diabetes, this book has something for every romantic and christian reader.

Emma is a talented baker who can't even taste what she creates because of her diabetes. Her creations earn her awards and with that comes demand for her as an asset as an employee. She gets offered a job as Head baker for a new specialty boutique hotel catering for one stop weddings - from the celebration dinners to the venues and honeymoon. A recently widowed man takes on the job of creating this hotel from top to bottom out of an older hotel with the help of his 4 sisters (all of which are southern, and care greatly for their brother and others).

A relationship blossoms and others are brought to full light, and through it all remains family, friends and prayers.

There are recipes throughout this book - adding to the charm.

This story has all the right amounts of everything to bake up a delicious story... including twists and prayers. And I'd ask for seconds!

A delightful, fun read!

5 out of 5 stars

I received no compensation for this review.

This book was a free Amazon ebook download.

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