Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Seek Me With All Your Heart - Review

A Review of 'Seek Me with all your Heart' by Beth Wiseman

Unlike most Amish books, this one is not set in the traditional settings of the Pennsylvania Dutch areas. But is a tale of leaving hurt and trouble, memories and pain, burdens and preconcieved notions behind and starting fresh in a new area... namely Colorado!

2 families move into the area with in 6 months of each other. Both families are looking for a fresh start... and having left behind all their support - family, friends and church - they forge ahead looking to create new friends and church family.

The 1st family, Emily Detweiler’s family, abruptly moved to Colorado after tragedy struck in Ohio. But Emily can’t get far enough to escape what happened there. Something I did not know happened in Amish communities - and yet, people are people and evil and unrestrained behavior, sadly, happens in all cultures today. Their tale is of healing, and renewing faith and hope in the future.

David Stoltzfus is not happy when his family relocates from Pennsylvania to Colorado. Nevermind that they haven't told him why. David struggles not only with this unwelcome move, but also with the fear that a health condition could keep him from living his life in full. Again, he is struggling with the unknown... the Amish way of not being too open with their children and spouses is highlighted here, and a glimpse is given to us of how the Amish deal with Medical troubles and money - gives insight to the care and community they left behind. This gives a common thread for Emily and David's character - hope... what it is and if they have any for the future.

This book is a delightful read with quirky characters thrown in to lighten and liven up the story and make it more relate-able to readers who do not read many Amish stories. Beth makes this a fun and easy read - and the heavy parts and unanswerable parts are not so oppressive that you do not see the golden thread of hope and Love from God in them.  I believe this is the first book in the series and truly look forward to any more books Beth Wiseman does.

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.

I received this ebook for free through the Thomas Nelson BookSneeze Program in exchange for my unbiased review.

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