Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Ball of a Story!

The Lightkeeper's Ball is the third installment for the Lightkeeper's trilogy (or The Mercy Falls Series). Ms Coble did a lovely job in making this a fine stand alone read. Having not read the other 2 previous books in the series, I was able to read and understand all that was going on without missing any vital information.

This story is an excellent mystery and romance rolled into one. With just the right amount of Christianity showing through, it warms the soul and dispels doubt with hope and freedom.

Our main character in this book is Olivia Stewart, who is being forced to marry a man she does not know - her sister's fiancé. With the death of her sister a mystery, Olivia sets out to find out more about the death of her sister and the man that she is going to be engaged to. Leaving the security of the New York social set for the relative wilderness of California - in the age of innovation and invention... The book weaves the tale of determination and courage when everything seems to be against you.

With the lighthouse destroyed by a sever storm, Olivia plans an elaborate ball to raise the funds to rebuild the needed lighthouse. So the story gets it's title.

This book highlights the trait of honor... And shows how worthy it can be for a person. And hints to the fact that God is a personal God who sees all, knows all and is involved in even the small things of your life. Which is the journey our main character takes.

One thing I would have liked to see in the book, but was not, was the small church mentioned in the book by some of the characters. Perhaps that is explored more in the other 2 books. The main character, Olivia, mentions that her church is a social event... Who's who, and who wore what... While in Mercy Falls the church is a different more real experience.

Unlike some other books I have read, I do not feel compelled to read the other books in the series. It would be nice... But I do not NEED to.

Our second main character is Harrison Bennett, who shows us the meaning of finding a balance between passion and gifts from God. We are all given these for reasons... If we use them to better others then they are a blessing, and will grow. This was a nice twist and a touch that was not needed but surely made one consider gifts and purpose.

A short, comfortable read, this book offers. But to the casual reader who is in search of a quick diversion from life's busy pace. With a murder/suicide to solve, an attraction to deal with and friends to support and guide - makes this book fun and a delight.


  1. I enjoyed reading your thoughts on the book! I haven't read this book yet, but have read the other two in the set. You are correct that they are stand-alone books. There are a few random mention of characters from the other book, but nothing that you would miss out on by not reading the previous book. I'm looking forward to reading this third book! I've enjoyed her writing style.

  2. Can I borrow the other two? It looks like such a nice series... Have you read any Tracy Petersen? She has a series on 3 sisters which are stand alone reads too... You'd like them, I borrowed them from our local library.