Thursday, March 11, 2010


I am amazed at how many people are running giveaways. How do they do that?? I'd love to do that too... so if you have any tips on getting started, please let me know. :D

Here are a few I like (esp for my boys):

Thomas the Train




Will try to let you know IF I win too!


  1. Did not win any of these... oh well!

  2. I'd kind of like to know the answer, too! But be forewarned - it's a lot of work... And some costs involved if you have to mail the giveaways yourself.

    I get maybe about 2 giveaways from vendors to offer per month (3 in the works right now) - my main interest has been books so far, but I get other stuff from time to time from publicists who've happened on my blog.

    What I'm trying to do is develop a few niches (one is preschool science, another is "learning spaces" for homeschoolers) on my blog - and then I'll put together a pitch with all my blog site specs, telling companies why they should sponsor me, provide products for reviews and/or giveaways, etc. Once I have that, I'll start contacting companies (ideally ones that I've seen sponsor giveaways on other sites for, because you KNOW they have a blogger program already).

    There are a few places you might want to sign up - the ones I've had success with (not book-specific) are:

    Keep in mind that blog stats are really important to most companies. # of followers, Google page rank, views per month are the main ones I see requested. Page rank is a tough one, but you can build up followers by commenting on other blogs, as well maybe doing your own giveaway with a requirement to follow in order to enter. A used book works great and isn't that expensive to mail... Then you've got to publicize the giveaway!

    Let me know if you've got specific questions - maybe I can help...

  3. Hi Jane - This does seem like alot of work... but then again so does just keeping up with a regular blog. (How do you do it?) I like the idea of being an advertiser and tester for things... I think it may be a good outlet for me to focus on.

    Thanks for all the great tips - I'll let you know if I have more detailed questions as I get into it.