Saturday, June 5, 2010

Last Garden shot.....

We are headed to Camp for 2 weeks so - I thought this to be the best time to do a check in with our garden.

Major changes... My hubby put a deer fence up! (None too soon as our next door neighbor had all of her blooming pea plants - which were about 4 ft tall - eaten to 2 ft tall!)  Besides someone was eating my blueberry bushes flowers and baby berries. :(

My son is 5 - he's about 4 and a half ft tall. So the fence must be 5 ft or so...

Lots of new growth - I think we will harvest the radishes when we get back. :D
And the TOMATOES!!

We have baby flowrs and a tiny (bud) of a tomato! So we should have some lovely tomatoes soon... Yum!

The boys' pumpkin is looking like it wants to blossom already... yay!

My climbing peas are still climbing...

The potted pepper and eggplant are growing... I may have to replant these somewhere.

Our 'experimental' upside down tomato has begun to turn... we'll see where and how this does and goes.

So far the deer and critters (bunnies and such) have not found this bush... we may get some buds and berries from here. And yes that is 2 Tomato plants there, they are companion plants. :D

Vandals!! I think it was Deer. They broke my only stem (with flowers!!) on our raspberry 'bush'. Sad. Thankfully it's got a new shoot that looks promising.

Our grape 'stick' is not changed at all yet.... Hmm. May need to seek advice on this one.

I may need to plant these in the garden... They are growing like mad! They love summer. ;)

So - these are my plants... I need advice so don't forget to pop in and give your 2 cts worth of gardening advice. I'm proud of the fact I've not killed all of them yet. :D

Love to hear what you say....

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