Tuesday, June 22, 2010

We're back from 2 weeks in a Tent...

So - that was not fun. (The sleeping in a tent part...) Camp Meeting on the other hand was a wonderful busy time! We look forward to next year... and a new tent or accommodation of some sort. ;)

I'm sure you are all wondering about my garden... well, it seems it rained alot while we were away. (Actually, it rained alot all over... even where we were. Hence the leaky tent story.)

There was one particularly bad storm that knocked out the power to our town for a few days and blew over our fence around our garden. :(  And the deer got in. Sad story!!  Here are the pics to prove their vandalism...

Left overs from the Pumpkin and Cucumber... :( Very sad.

Lots of growth in what is still alive though. Yay!

The deer ate all the radish tops and beetroot tops.
The wind blew the corn over... I hope it survives.


What is left of the watermelon.  The boys were so sad... we had to plant more for them.

Tomatoes!!! They are thriving.... Yes!! Something is liking the growing business...

The Blueberry bushes have not flowered again... and I think it is raining too much for them. The Tomato plant seems to be keeping some pests away too...

No more Sweet Peas. :(   The deer ate it all!

The Grape Vine seems to be rallying... and my be fruitful in 2 yrs!

After the deer broke off the large flowering branch this sub-branch has sprouted and looks strong. No flowers yet... maybe later in the year.

My funny upsidedown planter is doing okay. Looks really funny... no flowers on the tomato plants yet.

I will have to replant these pepper and eggplant (the last one left as the deer ate the others) in the garden soon.

This pepper plant is very happy and has a baby pepper already!!


No flowers on this blueberry either... perhaps it is too hot?
None on the companion Tomato plant either...??

VANDALS!! Chipmunks? Ground hogs? Squirrels? Raccoons??

So that is the update after 2 weeks... I'll check back in a week or so.

My boys and I did plant some more radish seeds, pumpkin, cucumber, carrot, beet, and sweet peas... we hope they take and grow in the garden. They were very sad that the deer ate their plants. So keep your eye on this blog! And please send us all the tips you have too... thank you!

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