Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Scottish Biblical Ruth?

Mine Is the Night - by Liz Curtis Higgs  as reviewed by Tami.

This is the second and conclusion book in a series based loosely on the Book of Ruth from the Bible. I have not had the privileged to read the 1st book of this series - but was very glad to get the 2nd book as I love historical fiction books!

As a stand alone read. This book does just fine with out knowing all that happened in the 1st book, but does reference some things in the 1st book, and explains them - as a memory - so you are included with the character in real time with out feeling you've missed a vital step somewhere. Great Job on that Ms Higgs!

Our main character, Elizabeth Kerr - affectionately known as Bess - is the reflection of the Biblical Ruth. A recent widow, who chooses to embrace Christianity and because of that chooses to stay with and assist her mother-in-law - Marjory Kerr. Like the Biblical story, these two start out with virtually nothing but faith. And hope that God will provide all their needs. Having supported the wrong side of the war - they are labeled as rebels and are fleeing for the relative safety of the Scottish Highlands where Marjory lived as a young bride.

This time period in history where ones religion is mingled with ones political allegiance - leaves our two Kerr women with doubts as to the churches acceptance of them. (An aspect of Ruth I had not thought about...) Having supported the "wrong" side and having become widowed and penniless - the church has an obligation to see if the heresy is or has been spurned by the member... if not the member is cast out and not supported or welcomed by the church and it's members.  This all adds to the drama and suspense in the two ladies lives.

I truely enjoyed the fact that Ms Higgs included other characters - such as the cousin Anne Kerr and Michael the tailor. These add flavor and friendships that lend support to the Kerr's. And gives practice to the women in being proactive about Love and matters of the heart.

On the subject of matter's of the heart... the book is delightful in the way it shows hope and equality in a time where class and station are very much relevant and can hinder the matters of the heart more then help. As today there are many obstacles that arise when you decide you are actually in love. So with the Kerr women - all three are deeply smitten - yet do not want to fly too far in the wind of convention or society that they maybe outcast completely. Suffice to say  - love in Christ conquers all!

And as the Book of Ruth ends in a birth - so does this one... with the promise of a new generation and restoration of honor.

I LOVED this book!! And would LOVE to read the 1st one... maybe sometime. ;)

I look forward to reading another book by Ms Higgs...

Five out of Five Stars!!

I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.

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  1. I like how you tell of the book without going into too much detail of the actual story. You are able to tell that you enjoyed the book and get me interested, without me feeling like I have already read the book just by reading your review! I like :)

  2. Thank you! I am one of those that do not like when reviewers give away the entire book for a review. :) so, I am glad I got it right. Hope you get to read the book too.

  3. Lizz Curtis Higgs is my favorite author. I've read several of her books; including this one (just finished it this past weekend)! I did read the first book, and I would say that reading it definatly will add a new dimension to the characters for you!!
    If you are intrested, Mrs. Higgs has a FB page and a forum to talk about the book! I've posted several times.
    She also has published several children's book, which I really enjoy reading with my little guy!
    What book are you reading next?! :)

  4. Cool! Thanks Trisha... Do you have the first book? I'd love to borrow it... And review it ;). I will check out her webpage.

    And thanks for following my blog. :)