Monday, March 21, 2011

What has been keeping me busy while I wait for new books...

I am in charge of out Kindergarten 1 class at church. This Quarter I am leading out with the crafts... so every week I am looking for ideas, and dreaming up ways to make the story real for the little 3 - 4 year olds. It's fun!

Here are some of my ideas for this quarter:

Noah's Ark
You take a small paper plate, spray paint it brown and cut it in half, then staple the 2 halves together at the rounded edges. Viola! An Ark. :D

Now you take a sheet of paper and cut little paper people - I used the old according style fold and cut method to make 8 people for our Ark. Totally Biblical - eh?

Here comes the best part!
We took Baggies (the snack sized ones) and put animal crackers in for the animals on the Ark. An instant hit! Yay!!

Noah's Ark - done!


  1. Super cute idea! I would imigine the kiddo's loved it :)

  2. They did love it. :) yummy!