Tuesday, August 11, 2015

L'BRI review- lovely Skincare!

Wow! If you're looking for soft, supple, clean, glowing skin you have to try this skin care line!

Carol Umberger offered me a trial of this skin care for combination skin... And after trying almost all of it (I've not used the exfoliating scrub or mask yet), I love what it's done for me! My pores seem smaller and my skin more radiant.

As you can see, these are small samples... But there is enough in there for a weeks use. It's so potent that a little goes a long way! 

The Facial peel is easy to use - and I have had no irritation from it. I've never used a peel before and was worried that it would feel harsh or burn. I think because this is made from 100% natural ingredients there was no burn, and the peeling was light - with no after effects. Yay!

The toner or rejuvenating splash is wonderful! It's so light and spreads so well... I normally don't use a toner at all, maybe I should... I'm a cleanse and lotion girl. But I can easily get used to adding this into my routine.

The lotion is so silky! A little really went a LONG way - my skin feels hydrated and each pore seems smaller. I'd buy the lotion!!

I followed all the included instructions and really love how smooth my skin feels and how hydrated my skin looks too. The smell of this skin care is best described as a 'hint of something sweet and powdery'.

The main difference between the L'BRI line and others is outlined in an easy to ready brochure. They replaced all water ingredients with Aloe gel and only use herbs and plant botanicals.

I think I will look for a time I can have a  party to introduce this skin care line to my friends in the near future. Next, I'd like to try something for these pesky budding wrinkles....

Also, if you are interested in a home based business- you may want to look at this.  

Contact Carol Umberger on her facebook page and her L'BRI business page.

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