Thursday, June 23, 2016

Camp Meeting 2016 - Junior division

I've just spent 2 weeks in a tent helping take care of 80-90 kids a day (with 120 on the Sabbath), doing, what I describe as "VBS 3 times a day for 10 days". In other words- FUN!! 

Here are some pics of our 'Kingdom Kids' in J1.

I spent weeks making things to put up in the room.

These shields were hung all around the room.
All made from recycled materials. 😉

Then I made the banner...

In progress...

See, I have proof we spent 2 weeks in a tent. 😁

Here is some of what I had to pack to take with us to Camp Meeting.

The building of a Castle.

Doesn't look like much yet...

90% done...

Looking better?

The kids loved it!!

Our prayer wall was used a lot too.

We had a super fun slip & slide 2 of the days during Camp as well.

We had some wonderful story tellers... Here is Ms Linda! 

Our cool 'Professor Wolf'!! Pastor EJ did a great job with fun science experiments for us.

Stanley Maxwell telling us stories in our Chapel in the Pines.

Our Sabbath welcome to J1.

And all that fun means... I crushed my step goals! 😄

See you next year in J1 for more fun at Michigan Camp Meeting!

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  1. A busy time for you! You did a fantastic job in making connections with parents, kids, guests and staff with the 'Kingdom Kid's' theme! Thank you for making God more real to us all!